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Group Bookings

The large number of bedrooms at Mincarlo makes us an ideal venue for group bookings (we can take up to 21 guests). In low season we offer a 5% reduction for groups of ten or more people.

Groups that stay at Mincarlo

Dive charter groups find the location useful for meeting a boat at the quay, just ten minutes' walk from Mincarlo. The islands have a wealth of shipwrecks including HMS Association, the biggest British Naval disaster in history. 

Summer 2003 saw the first organised swimming holiday to Scilly, which involved swimming and walking around the islands day by day - the water is cold but it must appeal as they've come back each year since! 

The islands are a good spot for keen birdwatchers, and the autumn sees an influx of people hoping to sight rare migrating species. Birdfinders return to Mincarlo each year. Another group which use Mincarlo as their base to explore the history and wildlife of Scilly are Adventureline Walking Holidays.

Photography courses with Nick Jenkins of Freespirit Images have been very popular in the last couple of years.

Do you have an important birthday to celebrate? People have used Mincarlo as a base if they wish to accommodate large numbers of family all in one place. Party arrangements can also be made, please phone or email for more information. 

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